I have worked distantly with clients throughout Australia and from many places overseas for quite a number of years now. This is a very effective way to receive healing and I have many beautiful testimonials from men, women, children and whole families.

Distance healing session

During a session my ‘spiritual team’ and I energetically cleanse the space around you before commencing; your aura is scanned and cleansed of other people, places and ‘things’ using tools and techniques acquired over my many years of training. Chakras are balanced and we may work on cancelling negative and limiting beliefs from your Being; chamber work supports you also to hold a safe and sacred space while stored and raw emotions are gently removed or reduced, unhealthy energy cords removed. Your aura is sealed and beautiful protection placed around you as you integrate for a period of time. Often the session may conclude with suggestions of powerful techniques you can use to support your ongoing healing on a daily basis.

How you may feel

Frequently you will feel the energy as I work with you, even little movements and fluttering sensations; or simply you may feel lighter, have more clarity and a sense of happiness and/or peaceful inside. Sometimes it is an instant relief as though a light bulb has been switched on. Everyone responds differently and there is no right or wrong.

Some of my international clients wake in the morning and can feel that I have worked on them even before checking their emails.

Before starting a healing

You may email me a photo and your full name and date of birth (or the person that you would like the healing for). It would be preferable if it were recent and that I can see both eyes. Please include any details which you feel I should know about before commencing the session. It would be proper to let the recipient know that you have engaged my services.

When the distance healing occurs

The distance healing may be done anytime as you sleep, or in person via video conferencing at an agreed time with me – the energy still flows 😊

If you prefer in person via video conferencing then we can connect on FaceTime, Skype, Zoom etc.

Session duration

I offer half hour sessions for children and one-hour sessions for adults.