Vibrational Products

I use a combination of the following vibrational oils and essences both in sessions and ‘distantly’, intuitively selecting the blend and the aroma that you are needing to cleanse, clear, protect and lift you to a higher personal vibration. These are made into drops or sprays for your aura. A wonderful gift idea.

Shell and Coral Essences


I have always had a very strong connection with Lemuria (pre Atlantis). I have always loved the ocean, the sun and the shells and collected them my whole life.

I was instantly attracted to the Shell and Coral Essences. Nancy Parker is like Custodian of the Shells, and a truly gifted and special lady who has brought through a beautiful selection of both Shell and Coral Essences that have such powerful messages and healing vibrations.

As a Shell Essence Practitioner I intuitively select the shells and corals that will assist you to release blockages of all kinds. I regularly watch the shifts and releases take place as you take them. I have seen the most amazing transformations in clients.

The Shells heal day to day issues and blocks from any period of our lives, including past lives.

The Corals heal the shadow side or the subconscious so the combination is a complete package.

In a session we select your special blend of Shells and Corals (intuitively) to work specifically with you. This is made into a 25ml bottle for you to take home. I also have a beautiful range of Shell Essence Sprays in 125 ml bottles for clearing homes and spaces (Harmony Mist), for clearing your energy field of others (Just Me), and others. Call or email me for more information.

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These are a beautiful range of Essences that I use for the specific strengths and gifts of one or more of these 12 Archangels. They are a very gentle, loving essence.  Sometimes they are blended with other Vibrational Essences.

I often use Angelic sprays in my healing with you.

See and Universal Life Tools for further information.


Bach Flower Essences

bach-flowersThe Bach Flowers were created in the 1930’s by Dr Edward Bach based on different personality types and emotions and their relation to the flower and tree kingdom. These were the first Vibrational Essences that I studied and they are “an oldie but a goodie” over time.  I have seen many shifts in people (including myself) ranging from panic, being stuck in the past, depression, too much responsibility - to one of a more peaceful, calm and a deeper understanding of themselves. The most commonly known Bach Flower blend is Rescue Remedy.



Healing-CrystalsThe Liquid Crystals is an ancient form of healing that has been reintroduced from Atlantis. It is a powerful vibrational process that allows the body to release anything that causes dis-harmony and dis-ease on every level. Not only do we ingest vibrational liquid crystals that allow the body to absorb the combined energies of each particular crystal, but the deva of the crystal works with you as well.

From the complete set of 77 crystals I am able to make up individual crystals for you, or a trinity (set of three) to work on several levels at the same time. There are also chakra trinities and combination blends (containing at least 7 crystals) to heal a wide variety of conditions.