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A HEALING SESSION involves a consultation where we select VIBRATIONAL ESSENCES to clear anything causing you to be ‘blocked’. This is followed by an ENERGY BALANCE MASSAGE (clothes on) which is an incredibly powerful, yet relaxing and nurturing experience that clears the head, balances you and your chakras and releases excess energy. Many other wonderful processes and techniques are taking place during the Balance. Afterwards you receive hands on healing and aura cleansing using many healing modalities, the placing of crystals on you and application of VIBRATIONAL OILS. ‘Tools’ are shared to empower you and for you to continue at home.

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VIBRATIONAL ESSENCE BLENDS are selected intuitively from my ranges of essences for you or someone you care about . Up to ten essences are selected.  Can be used Distantly for healing.
VIBRATIONAL SPRAYS – Shell Essence Blends and other essences are made into beautiful individual and room sprays infused with the aromatic blend of Vibrational Oils. Often the oil selected is one that we have worked with during your session.  Favourite Blends are Just Me (cleanses your energy field), Harmony Mist (cleanses home/work spaces), I Am Safe All Is Well and Moving On.



I have many beautiful bracelets fully charged and waiting for their new owners. They come in three sizes, small round 4mm beads, medium round 8mm beads and large round 10mm beads. Select from my studio, email or ask me to send you images of specific bracelets, or research the link below and I will try to source the gemstones you would like if I don't have them already.


Which one is calling you?

Which one is calling you?


Reiki – pronounced  (ray key) means Universal Life Energy.  It corresponds to the element of Earth. After being attuned to this system one can channel healing energy through hands to flow through to the recipients meridians and chakras to activate healing on every level. You may feel hot or cold and even tingling sensations. A very relaxing and nurturing experience.
Tera Mai Reiki practitioners have had extra symbols added to their attunements which is often felt as ‘stronger’, connecting to a larger channel therefore increasing the energy.
Seichem and Golden Dragon lineage – Seichem corresponds to the elements of Fire, Air and Water. Golden Dragon is an ancient aspect of Reiki which died out 1800 years ago in France. It connects you more deeply to the earth and to its crystals and minerals. It is a different channel that brings through even more healing energies to your experience with me.
Ashati– is a completely different system to the above. It is a multi level form of healing that’s speeds up deep emotional, mental and often physical healing to bring you back to your true self. It connects you to higher levels of consciousness and allows this part of you to show you your path and life purpose.
Pleiadian– beautiful beings from another place and dimension (the Pleides) who assist me in my energy work to provide healing in a multi dimensional way. See for more information.