Hands On Healing


 Hands on Healing

I discovered during my ‘awakening’ 15 years ago that when I placed my hands on people things would happen, for example pain was reduced or even removed, emotions released, colours observed in the third eye, and a feeling of peace would permeate. As a ‘sensitive’ I was very good at reading people, tuning in to what they were feeling and where it was in their body.  Over the years I have developed and my skills have fine-tuned.

I began with Reiki and a variety of modalities and later was attuned to the Angels, Pleiadians (FSP), Tera Mai Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Seikhim, Ashati and others. My Guides and Spirit Helpers work together with me as a team. It is very common for a person to feel more than one pair of gentle, loving hands on them as I work. I learned to cleanse and activate my healing space so that it becomes a sacred place, a healing temple.

While doing the hands on healing, ie  placing my hands in various positions on and over your body, you will find that your body naturally responds to the energies that I channel. You may feel warmth, intense heat, cool energies coming from my hands. As I do this I place you in various chambers to settle your mind and thoughts, release stresses, negative emotions, old wounds, contracts and false beliefs that are inhibiting your progress and growth.

I may place crystals on various chakras and use Vibrational Oils to anoint you, to cleanse you, and activate you to a higher level than where you were. Your aura is cleansed and charged with clean, clear energy. The way forward is then clearer for you. This whole process occurs in a two hour healing.

The session is completed with ‘Tools’(information sheets that I will go through with you) to use on a daily basis such as cleansing and grounding techniques which will empower you, keep your vibration high and help you to maintain what was achieved in the session.

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